AD2/K9B 的可选配件


Shure Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery. Works with PSM®300 (P3RA only), PSM®900 (P9RA only), PSM®1000, UR5 Portable Diversity Receiver, QLX-D™ Digital Wireless Systems, and ULX-D™ Digital Wireless Systems.


SBC-AX charges two SB900A Rechargeable Batteries in the AXT900 Axient Rack Mount Charging Station.
This compact and portable unit charges batteries while in transmitters or out. Up to 4 SBC200‘s can be chained together to run off one power supply.
8-Up battery charger charges eight SB900A batteries to full capacity within three hours, with status LEDs to indicate power levels.
Radome color ID kit for Axient™ Digital handheld transmitters.