AXT900 Axient Rackmount Charging Station

The Shure AXT900 Rackmount Charging Station provides a touring-ready battery charging and storage solution with networked visibility of all battery status parameters.

Configurable for up to 8 bodypack or handheld batteries, the AXT900 delivers detailed status reports for each battery, including remaining battery power, time to full charge, capacity and battery health. Status reports are displayed on the front panel, or in WWB6 for enhanced visibility.




  • Touring-ready battery storage and charging solution with comprehensive status display.
  • Fully networkable for monitoring of all charging status parameters via WWB6.
  • Configurable bays for mixing/matching 8 bodypack and handheld batteries.


  • Reports remaining battery power in hours and minutes on transmitters, receivers and WWB6, accurate to within 15 minutes.
  • Reports percentage of capacity and time to full charge, visible on the Rack Mount Charging Station and WWB6.
  • Tracks battery health using charging cycle count and percentage of original capacity as metrics.


  • Advanced lithium-ion batteries provide reliable, rechargeable power with up to 10 hours’ run-time.
  • Rapid charging brings batteries to 50% capacity within 1 hour.
  • Practical, sustainable design provides an efficient, systematic power management alternative to disposable batteries.